Ideal Fibreglass & Plastic Factory Ltd. was incorporated in December 1989 for the manufacture of various plastic and fibreglass products. Today the company has grown to be one of prominent producers of high quality fibreglass roofing sheets for agriculture and construction industry

The management at Ideal Fibreglass & Plastic Factory is holding a record of excellent manufacturing expertise and customer service by their previous managed factory, which called as SEIHAT FIBREGLASS FACTORY in 1980, located in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, where the mechanical production is done by means of Hot Moulded Component using DMC and SMC for boxes and enclosures and industrial moulding parts together with the traditional way of moulding for liquid storage tanks, treatment channels, corrosion protection, sheets, sanitary goods, etc.

The company objective is to produce the full range of GRP Door and Window Panels with all accessories, cladding, needed for warehouses. Our aim is to produce world class quality product.

However, the Market increase is followed by introducing other product family like Flast Sheet, sectional Water Tanks, Profiled Beams and GRP Doors, etc. which covers all GCC countries, Middle East, Africa and Far East Market. Ideal Fibreglass has developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate it’s ability to provide a consistent service that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through effective application of the system including continual improvement and the prevention of non conformity. The quality system complies with the International Standard ISO 9001 :2000. The scope our Quality System is “The Manufacture and Supply of Plastic Fibreglass Products.” The purpose of this manual is to define and describe the quality system, to define authorities and responsibilities of the management personnel involve with the operation of the system, and to provide general procedures for all activities comprising the quality system. Another purpose of this manual is to present the quality system to our customers and other external interested parties, and to inform them what specific controls are implemented at Freight International Inc. to assure quality.