Our portable Chemical Toilets are incorporated with the most sophisticated and resistant materials which have been transformed using highly precise production methods, and combines that with an engineering project whose main objectives are ease of use, safety, and quality/price rapport for the operator of portable toilets.
This model was specifically designed to have super-smooth surfaces which make it easy to wash; the walls are assembled using an overlapping system, hiding the rivets for better security and practicality, making the interior well-finished and done with care.

Technical specifications:

  • Net Weight: 172 lbs
  • Septic Tank capacity: About 60 gallons (227 ltr)
  • External dimensions (L/D/H):
    • 43 x 47, 2 x 90 inches
    • 109.20 x 119.80 x 228.60 cm
  • Material used High-density grade 4 polyethylene plus anti-UV treatment