Idelite CLEAR DOUBLESKIN was developed to provide the high quality the marketplace was demanding. Polyester resin combined with chopped strand fiberglass makes this a strong, resilient panel. Multi-directional chopped strand glass reinforcement provides this panel with the structural integrity it needs to achieve long time performance.

We offer panel thickness ranging from 10 mm – 150 mm.


Used where moderate corrosion protection and weathering characteristics are required. This panel can be used in such applications as refineries, pulp and paper mills, mining operations, wastewater facilities, fertilizer plants, and many other challenging environments. The box construction provides desirable insulating properties, reducing energy consumption while providing exceptional natural lighting.

Operating Temperature

30 C to + 75 C


Idelite is manufacture in a continuous process and can be supplied to any length subject to shipping limitation. Generally 16 m length is available.


  • Panels are manufactured by a continuous laminating process in length as required.
  • The panels meet the requirements of ASTM D3841 standard.
  • Tolerance on the specified weight of panels shall be +/- 10 % , unless otherwise specified.

Tolerance on Length, Width and Squareness.

Length: Sheets up to 5m long, -0, +10mm
Sheets over 5m long, -0, +15mm
Width: +- 5mm
Squareness: the deviation shall be not more than 0.5mm in every 100mm of width within the sheet tolerance.

Assembly of the skylights

To allow the natural linear thermal expansion of the sheet, the drilled hole should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the mounting screw & a rubber washer should be utilized in between.

  • The sheets should be screwed to purlins with fasteners not exceeding 200mm centers.
  • Vinyl Lap seal or mastic must be used between when fastening to steel.

Roof light Load Span

Load / Span calculation is varied according to the required profile details of the customers.
The deflection limitation used for calculation is as follow:

  • Downward pressure loading deflection should not exceed 1/30 + h of the span and should not be more than 50mm.
  • Suction uplift loading deflection should not exceed 1/15th of the span and should not be more than 100mm.

Traffic ability

Roofs are dangerous places to work and it is recommended that the following information be included in the “Health & Safety File”.
No person should have access to a roof unless under the direct supervision of an experienced roofer who should be sufficiently competent to assess any risks and take the necessary action to reduce such risks
Do not walk on roof lights at any time, ALWAYS use crawling boards.

Transportation, Handling and Storage

Sheets are generally supplied loose. Store sheets on flat, clean, level battens located at 1.5 m centers. Secure against theft and from being blown away.

Continuously protect sheets stored in open with waterproof Opaque covers, otherwise even on relatively dull days sheets stacks will act as a solar battery boiling any entrapped moisture and discoloring the sheets. Inspect regularly to ensure that moisture has not penetrated the stack.
When carrying factory assembled insulating rooflights, care must be taken not to twist them. They must be carried by at least two people or more it depends of the length of the sheet