Ideal fiber glass and plastic factory are manufacturers of translucent profiled GRP sheets for the roofing and cladding market. The company commenced production in 1989 on the first GCC continuous manufacturing process.
To confront the high ultra violet climate in GCC area Ideal fiberglass and plastic factory ltd has developed an advanced product Utilizing the latest in UV stabilized weather surface technology developed by Dupont .The product was branded as IDELITE ULTRA which successfully overcomes degradation problems.

Key Benefits:

  • IDELITE Ultra is manufactured from a new generation composite resin system, which is then mixed with quality glass roving materials.
  • The extra heavy duty non-porous weather surface prevents water absorption, osmosis and gives sound protection against sand abrasion.
  • Reduce fibre show in comparison to the standard commercial grade translucent roofing products.
  • IDELITE-Ultra incorporate special light diffusing additives which scatter light passing through .This is particularly important to ensure good light distribution and to reduce glare and excessive shadow.
  • IDELITE-Ultra encompasses built-in UV inhibitors which prevents early degradation, yellowing and embitterment of the sheet
  • An extremely flexible product providing unique design criteria variations
  • UV-stabilized non-delaminating weather surface technology


  • Roof and wall lighting to all commercial, industrial, institutional and other buildings requiring long term high quality lighting
  • School/Kindergarten and public outdoor areas requiring excellent UV protection
  • Buildings requiring specific light and heat transmission requirements.

Special Applications

  • IDELITE-Ultra can be supplied tinted with variations to reduce light and heat transmission. This is recommended due to the long term clarity of the sheet.
  • IDELITE-Ultra can be supplied as fire retardant sheeting


Sheets are sold by weight –kilograms per square meter – rather than thickness. As the sheet are made heavier (thicker) they become stronger.

The most popular range of weight (Grade) is 1730 g/m, 2100 g/m2, 2440 g/m2 and 3500 g/m2.anuther grades are also available upon request


IDELITE-Ultra is available in standard colors of Clear, White Tint, Opal, Blue and Blue green. Other colors are available on request to suit specific design applications.

Light and Heat Transmission:


Light        Heat

Blue green
Light        Heat

Light        Heat

White Tint
Light        Heat

1730g/m2 (1 mm)

85%         75%

79%         68%

71%         53%

46%         36%

2100g/m2 (1.2mm)

84%         70%

78%         67%

66%         53%

45%         35%

2440g/m2 (1.5mm)

82%         70%

78%         67%

66%         53%

45%         35%

3500g/m2 (2mm)

75%         68%

73%         67%

73%         50%

39%         32%

Light and heat transmission information is issued as a guide only and base on interpretation of natural exposure.

Weathering Performance:

The weather surface coating and the resin core of IDELITE Ultra incorporate additional UV inhibitors. UV testing shows a significant reduction in UV discoloration as shown.


IDELITE-Ultra meets with the requirement of ASTM D 3841 (Standard specification for glass-fiber-reinforced polyester plastic panels) and BS 4154 part 1.

Operating Temperature:

The operating temperature range of IDELITE-Ultra is -30° to 75° C.

Anti Ultraviolet:

More than 99%


Do not walk on rooflights at any time. IDELITE panels are not intended to support the undistributed weight of workers. Roofing ladders or crawling boards or equivalent means of protection must be used during any work on roofs