IDELITE Walk On is a specialty skylight manufactured from polyester resin and fibreglass, designed to withstand pedestrian traffic through the use of our proprietary layering of fibreglass reinforcement.
IDELITE Walk On provides exceptional light transmission while maintaining increased strength to allow for increased safety to workers who have access to roofs.
IDELITE Walk On also uses specialty Teijin DuPont Films for maximum UV resistance. This added UV film increases the life span of the sheet and reduces yellowing.
IDELITE Walk On can be manufactured to meet any fire retardant specification.
IDELITE Walk On can be manufactured in over 100 profiles and virtually any color to meet your specifications.
IDELITE Walk On sheets have been assessed in accordance with ACR(M)001-2005 ‘Test for fragility of roofing assemblies. Under this classification, they are rated Class B Non-Fragile. This is equivalent to 0.7mm steel sheet. The tests were carried out by dropping a 45kg weight onto a sheet supported by purlins at 2.0m centres – twice, from a height of 1.2m.


  • To allow the natural linear thermal expansion of the sheet, the drilled hole should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the mounting screw, and a rubber washer should be utilized in between.
  • The sheets should be screwed to purlins with fasteners not exceeding 200mm centers.
  • Vinyl Lap seal or mastic must be used between when fastening to steel.


IDELITE Walk On sheets should be cleaned with warm water regularly to remove obstructions to light transmission.

Health and safety:

Please note that all skylights should be considered fragile prior to installation. Even though IDELITE Walk On sheets have been designed for pedestrian traffic, walking on the sheet may result in the UV protective film being damaged which can degrade the sheet’s mechanical properties, therefore walking on the sheet is not recommended.

Material handling and storage:

Store sheets on flat, clean, level pallets with supports at 1.5m centers and do not stack the sheets over 1m in height. When sheets are stored outdoors, always cover them with an opaque, waterproof cover. Failure to do so can result in sheet discoloration due to boiling of entrapped moisture.